Freitag, 13. Mai 2016

Can't Wait For Summer Summer!

I am stoked!  I have lost some body fat and have been hitting the weights for about 9 weeks now.  Not as regularly as I'd like, but my two worst weeks were about twice a week; then ramped it up to like, 4-5 times a week.  Point being, all over the place.

I feel like a beast and people are starting to notice my physique.  Maybe I'll post a picture, I can be a bit camera shy outside of Facebook.

So, I'm thinking of buying myself a cool toy or two so me and my younger bro can hang out and do fun things.  He is heading in his teenage years and I want him to know that I'm always there for any questions, etc. he has and I want him to look up to me, of course!

I think I like the look of Airhead Montana ahtk-2 review that I just found.  Sure, it's not what I wanted to spend initially but... I want to make the right purchase, even if it's a bit pricey.  Plus, I want to be comfortable in the kayak and have it be roomy enough.

Hell, it's either that or investing in a Playstation 4 which I'm super tempted by but let's face it: it's going to keep me indoors.  Maybe after the summer then, haha?
By the way, I don't understand all this Hillary hate... I like this lady ;)

Wow, What A Week: Football, Gotham, & Gigs!

Last weekend, I thought I would join in a friendly, casual game of flag football.  (Psh, you know where this is going!  I should've stuck to basketball! :/ )

Anyways, my friends convinced me and I went along.  I decided to play rusher, as I am smaller and have decent strength so why the hell not?  Well, the other team's qb decided to dump the ball to the guard and as I was rushing and then getting ready to grab the guard's flag, he turned around, elbows out, and knocked me out.

My nose was bleeding.  Gah.

But I have to say, both the girls and the guys were very concerned.  They helped me up and took care of me... and made sure I stopped bleeding.  Very good sense of community, amazing athletes for "just having fun", I gotta say.

Maybe I will go & check out thank you card template & send something their way.  I have been looking for a fun sports community for a long, long time and I think I'll go back tomorrow and see if I can join their league.  Hopefully it's not too late?

Other than that, in my spare time, caught up with Gotham.  I was super skeptical about this show but wow... past episode 4, my mind was blown.  I was terrified when Fish Mooney ends up on that island... I told my friends no spoilers but hey, this is MY space and I can say whatever the hell I want ;)  The experiments that the doctor performs... her eye.  Crazy.

I've also been doing well with my freelancing gigs and I actually have three on-going ones so that means I'm doing really good for now.  I'd like to officially name my business but need to put a lot of thought into it... gah, anyways.  I love expressing myself on here so why don't I do it more often?  Ha!

Donnerstag, 28. April 2016

It's Wedding Season, Aye?

Two of my friends got married a couple weeks ago. The colors were beautiful: the bride wore an orange dress with white trim, and her bridesmaids wore all white with orange. 

The groom wore a blue tuxedo and his groomsmen wore all white with blue ties. Seems weird to some, but it worked and it was gorgeous! I love people that are colorful like that. I don't think anyone could have asked for a better wedding than theirs. 

And then... the food was amazing, the people were nice and fun, the cake was beautiful, and the drinks were awesome. First the bride danced with her father, then the groom danced with his mother. I have to admit that after all of this, I had to hold myself back from those delicious drinks, so I could last into the night, haha. They had a DJ, who played some great songs that we all danced to for awhile. I didn't know that my date for the wedding was quite the dancer! We'll definitely be going out again, but that's a story for another day. 

Anyway, that's not all the entertainment they had! I've never been to a celebration like this in my life, but I hope I get to experience more of them. I was so amazed by all of it. 

They went to and hired them for some beautiful shows to perform. At a certain point during the reception, they had jugglers and entertainers mingle in with the crowd, doing independent shows. At night, we all went outside, where they had other shows to put on. There were fire eaters, fire and glow shows! At the end, they had fireworks too! It was one of the best things I've seen. What a long day, but anyone would be so lucky to have a wedding like that! Good luck, you two!

PS: your wedding was way more fun than the stiff ones I've been to...:

Best Present For My Handicapped Mom :)

My mom is handicapped and has had a wheelchair for years. She's getting older, so her arms are not what they used to be. I thought I should look online to see what could make things easier for her to get around, and I came across mobility scooters

I never knew much about these things because we never had enough money to look into anything better for her. But now that I have a great paying job, I'm going to surprise her with one, and on her birthday too. It's going to be the best birthday ever

This will allow her to be more independent and give her upper body a rest as well. We live close to a grocery store and a small mall, so I know she will be excited to be able to go there without help from anyone. My first priority is her safety, so I will get a safety flag so people driving can see her much better. It will have a rear view mirror too so she can see behind her. The weather breaker I'm getting on it is like a big umbrella, which will protect her from the sun or light rain. She loves to sit outside a lot, or near the beach, where everyone needs protection from the sun! It won't be as hot either as it will provide her with some shade. I'm going to have baskets installed on the front and back so she can put some groceries or other items in while shopping. To complete everything, it will have a phone holder and cup holder so she can travel around with some coffee. She loves her coffee! I can just see myself always asking “Where's mom?”, haha. I can't wait to see the look on her face and to see her riding it for the first time.

Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

Talking About Expressing...

Parking can be a pain sometimes and complications can arise. I can't even begin to count how many times I've backed up and almost hit someone's car because they just kept going!!! 

I've also had problems with people backing out at the same time as me. And no, I will not park by backing in so I can just pull out afterwards, simply because I am horrible at that. It's not always an ideal situation to do that either. One day I was backing out and some lady in her big truck backed right into me after I was stopped. I hate getting into any kind of accident because of all the insurance stuff I have to go through. 

To try to solve this problem, I decided to look around online to see if there was something I could buy to help me see things better. I found a website that sells reverse cameras. It hooks onto the back of your car and the monitor goes on the rear view mirror. I've been using it for a month now and I don't have to keep looking behind me and when i'm turning, it gives me a continual view of what's coming up as I turn. Not only can I see cars, I can see if people are walking past me in the back, as they often do. It's pretty awesome! That lady that ran into me needs to have one of these too! On a side note, they sell all kinds of iPhone chargers and holders for your car:

I got a couple of those things too. I'm always losing my phone in the process of loading all I need into the car to go to work. Now I can just put it in the holder and I won't have to worry about it. More upgrades to come! :)


Hi again!

Whatever will I do here?  I am not so sure myself, but let's see how it goes.  I've missed being on blogspot and expressing myself without having my friends and employees and employers all over me on Facebook.

Anyways, have a great night!